Civil Sphere Konsult, consulting engineers is equipped with the best sets of structural engineering analysis and design software available today on planet earth. It was one of the factors that made the design of the worlds largest church, THE FAITH TABERNACLE, now listed in the Guinness book of records, as the largest church auditorium in the world, a reality in less than nine months. We are also linked electronically to important engineering libraries and data bases in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Our list of engineering soft wares include the following:

SAP 2000 :  Three Dimensional Static & Dynamic Finite Element Analysis and Design of Structures

 ETABS:   Three Dimensional Finite Element Integrated Building Design Software

 SAFE :  Analysis and Design of Slab Systems,Beams and Foundations in Reinforced and Post Tensioned Concrete using Finite Element Methods

 ADOSS: PCA   Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Slab System

.PCA MATS: Finite Element Analysis of Slab, Mat Foundations and Combined footing.

 CIVIL 2000: The most powerful 3-Dimensional state of the art, interactive design software for all civil engineering jobs. The capabilities include, Surveying, Digital Terrain Modelling, Site planning, Highway design, Storm water drainage, Water reticulation etc.

 ADVANCE ANALYSIS:  Three Dimensional Static & Dynamic Finite Element Analysis and Design of Structures

 ADVANCE STEEL:  State of the art Steel Design Modeling and Fabrication Software

 ADVANCE CONCRETE:  State of the art Concrete Design Modeling and Detailing Software.

 BEAM D: Automated Analysis Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Beams.

 ADAPT FLOOR PRO.  Finite Element Application to Model Analyze and Design Concrete Floor System , Post Tensioned or Conventionally Reinforced.