CSK have designed several projects some of which have been completed while others are at different stages of actualization.

These projects include Auditoria, Churches, Factories, Offices, Sports, Complexes and Special foundations.

The churches and auditoria must be column free

The office blocks must have the maximum rentable space without compromising safety and quality. No forest of columns.

We encourage clients and contractors to adopt fast construction methods, when possible.

We can change the construction method of a project from in-situ concrete to pre-cast concrete. This will of course mean some adjustments for the contractor in terms of labor and equipment and for the client. It is a win- win outcome. The quality of the work is enhanced and overall delivery time is cut short.

We provide pre- cast concrete solution for every element; Columns, Beams Floors. Stairs,  Walls. Lift-Shafts  etc.

Save over 60% on the cost of your foundations if we re-design your specified Pilled foundation solution to Concrete Raft Foundation, where the soil permit.