Our quest for information has defined our knowledge and created our experience. It is continuously evolving.

As engineers providing information to clients to achieve various projects, we have learnt to be ahead of the race. Our deliveries in terms of technical content (Analysis, design, production of construction documents, drawings and models) are backed with the best of platforms. We produce models of our projects within the software platforms, for integrated structural analysis, design and detailing.

We are compliant in the use of AUTOCAD, REVIT, SAP 2000, ETABS, SAFE, ADVANCE DESIGN, ADVANCE-STEEL, ADVANCE-CONCRETE, ADAPT FLOOR PRO, etc. These tools have given us the edge, and complete understanding of the projects we deliver to our clients.

CSK will go to any length to deliver your works, we have an extensive library, that include these reference books

1.       Steel, Concrete and Composite Design of Tall buildings by Bungale S. Taranath

2.       Design of Modern High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structure Editor – Hiroyuki  Aoyama

3.       Tall Building Structures Analysis and Design by Bryan Stafford Smith and Alex Coull.

4.       Manual Of Bridge Engineering- ICE

5.       Prototype Bridge Structures, Analysis and Design by M.Y.H Bangash.

6.       Foundation Engineering Handbook- edited by Hans F. Winterkorn and Hsai-Yang Fang.

7.       Pile Design and Construction Practice M.J. Tomlinson

8.       Foundation Analysis and Design by Joseph E. Bowles.

9.       Physical and Geotechnical Properties of Soil- Joseph E. Bowels

10.   Handbook of Concrete Engineering edited by Mark Fintel

11.   Concrete Structures   by R.F. Warner, B.V Rangan, A.S, Hall and K.A. Faulkes

12.   Advanced Design in  Structural Steel- John.E Lothers

13.   PCA, Design of Concrete Buildings for Earthquake and Wind Forces.

14.   Prestressed Concrete Designers Handbook by  P.W. Abeles, B.K. Bardhan-Roy and F.H Turner

15.   Steel Designers Manual